Instruction Manual: Setting Up and Using the Futurebit Apollo II Bitcoin Miner

Product Overview

The Futurebit Apollo II is a cutting-edge Bitcoin miner that also functions as a full node system. This allows users to store the entire history of Bitcoin and actively participate in the Bitcoin network. With up to 10 TH/s of mining power and a power consumption of less than 450 watts, this device is designed to be efficient and user-friendly.

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Unboxing and Initial Setup

  1. Unboxing:

    • Open the box to reveal the Futurebit Apollo II unit.
    • Inside, you will find:
      • The Futurebit Apollo II device.
      • A 1 TB memory module pre-installed to store the full Bitcoin node.
      • A power supply unit (built-in).
      • A power cord.
  2. Connecting the Device:

    • Plug the device into a power outlet using the provided power cord.
    • Connect the device to your network using an Ethernet cable.


  1. Finding the IP Address:

    • On your computer, use an advanced port scanner to locate the IP address of the device. It will appear as something similar to, though this may vary.
  2. Setting Up the Miner:

    • Open a web browser and enter the IP address found in the previous step.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to start the setup process.
    • Choose between solo mining and pool mining:
      • Solo Mining: You will only receive rewards if you hit a block. This method is recommended if you have multiple machines and want to maximize potential rewards.
      • Pool Mining: This method allows you to receive smaller, more consistent rewards daily. It is suitable for users with fewer mining machines.
  3. Finalizing Setup:

    • Enter your IP address and CK pool details if you are doing solo mining.
    • Create a secure password.
    • Wait for the hard drive to download the full Bitcoin node. This process may take some time.

Operating Modes

The Futurebit Apollo II offers three different operating modes:

  1. Eco Mode: Lower power consumption and hash rate.
  2. Balanced Mode: A balance between power consumption and hash rate.
  3. Turbo Mode: Maximum power consumption and hash rate for optimal mining performance.

Running the Miner

  1. Starting the Miner:

    • Once the node is fully downloaded and synchronized, you can start mining.
    • In turbo mode, the device can achieve over 9 TH/s of mining power.
    • Be aware that in turbo mode, the device may be louder and consume more electricity.
  2. Monitoring Performance:

    • Monitor the miner’s performance through the web interface.
    • Ensure the device is in a suitable location to manage noise and heat output.

Additional Information

  • The Futurebit Apollo II can also be used to heat your home in winter due to its power consumption.
  • If you prefer not to use the full node version, a standard version without the SSD is available.

For more details or to purchase the Futurebit Apollo II, visit Bitcoin Merch.

Thank you for choosing Futurebit Apollo II. Start mining today and support the Bitcoin network!

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