Idan Abada - CEO

About Bitcoin Merch Founder Idan Abada
Like so many successful startups, Bitcoin Merch began as a passion-driven side hustle in a garage and grew to a multimillion-dollar online retailer, due in large part to the dedication of its founder. Abada was always a fan of tech, and before launching Bitcoin Merch, he managed an online e-commerce website selling drones. Seeing the potential of cryptocurrency, he took up mining as a hobby in 2015. Wanting to introduce more people to the opportunities of cryptocurrency, he began selling mining equipment and sharing his knowledge of the industry through social media, including his popular YouTube channel, How Much? Bitcoin Merch launched in 2017 and has grown into a leading provider of cryptocurrency equipment in just a few short years. Start (or continue) your journey into the world of crypto. 


David Martinez - Warehouse Associate

David specializes in warehouse, shipping, and receiving. He is passionate about small miners and loves getting the products to our customers as soon as possible. He is also part of the assembly and package design team, helping the team be more efficient and increase productivity using technology and machinery.

Roshan Phabiani - Buyer

For Roshan, it's all about building long-lasting relationships. He works with many diverse manufacturers in the crypto world, from large corporation mining equipment factories to small mom-and-pop shop card game makers. If you produce any physical item related to crypto, Roshan is your guy.

Ethan Ranaei - IT Specialist

Ethan knows the ins and outs of almost any miner out there, from setup to repairs. When buying certified refurbished miners from us, Ethan ensures they have the utmost quality and functionality. He also helps around the warehouse with all our advanced machines like CNC and laser cutters, as well as our shipping stations, making sure they run smoothly.