Bitcoin Merch sells professionally refurbished mining equipment. We stand behind our refurbishing process, and we want to share with you our steps to provide you with a smooth mining operation.

All professionally refurbished equipment includes 30 days warranty. We guarantee function, and the hash rate of the miner is within 10% of its advertised performance posted on the Bitcoin Merch product page.

We get our mining equipment from all over the world, in different conditions, but our process stays the same.

Refurbished equipment is examined for any visual defects, and dust off any visual dust and debris that the miner might have. Some refurbished miners can show heavy signs of use, like scratches on the outside of the box - Bitcoin Merch makes sure that the units are functioning correctly for long-term mining.

We replace any broken/loud or torn fans with new fans. We then thoroughly test the miners to ensure it's function and longevity.

Due to the chip shortage, it is extremely difficult to source new miners. This means that many of the miners that we offer are refurbished. Some miners are no longer being manufactured, therefore the only way to get them is to get them refurbished.

Bitcoin Merch is professional - we have trained technicians full-time refreshing equipment. Special equipment is needed for the process - we recommend letting the pros do it, then try to do it yourself.