Beginner's Guide to Setting Up the IceRiver KS0 Pro Kaspa Miner

Beginner's Guide to Setting Up the IceRiver KS0 Pro Kaspa Miner

  1. Accessing the KS0 Interface

    • After connecting your KS0 to the network, use Angry IP Scanner to find its IP address on your network.
    • Enter the IP address in your browser. The default username is 'admin' and the password is '12345678'.
  2. Changing the Default Password

    • Once logged in, navigate to 'User Settings' and change the default password to something unique and secure.
  3. Configuring Mining Settings

    • Go to 'Mining Settings' and clear all pre-filled fields.
    • You need two things to start mining: a Kaspa mining pool and a Kaspa wallet.
  4. Selecting a Mining Pool

    • Visit, search for Kaspa, and choose a mining pool. For this guide, is used.
  5. Setting Up a Kaspa Wallet

    • Go to, click 'Resources', and then 'Web Mobile Wallet'.
    • Create a new wallet, ensuring you use a strong password and securely store the seed phrase.
  6. Configuring the Miner

    • In the KS0 interface, enter the pool URL and port (e.g., stratum+tcp://[pool URL]:4444).
    • Add your Kaspa wallet address, followed by a dot and a name for your miner (e.g., yourWalletAddress.iceRiverKS0).
    • Set the password to 'X' and save the settings.
  7. Restarting the Miner

    • After saving the settings, restart the KS0 to apply changes.
  8. Monitoring Your Miner

    • Allow some time for the KS0 to reboot and start mining.
    • Check the miner's dashboard to see the hash rate and accepted shares.
  9. Checking Pool Statistics

    • Visit your chosen pool's website and enter your wallet address to view your mining statistics.
    • Monitor your hash rate and earnings on the pool's dashboard.
  10. Liquidating Kaspa

  • If you wish to sell your Kaspa, use an exchange like ZegiX (no KYC required).
  • Transfer Kaspa from your wallet to the exchange, then trade it for USDT, BNB, or BTC.
  1. Final Steps
  • Monitor your KS0 regularly and keep track of your earnings.
  • Consider naming your miners for easier management if you have multiple units.

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