Bitcoin Merch® Bitaxe Ultra 1366 + Power Supply Bitcoin Miner 425GH/s+

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How to setup the Bitaxe 1366 Ultra Guide

Welcome to the future of cryptocurrency mining with the Bitaxe 1366

the world's smallest and most efficient miner, proudly brought to you by Bitcoin Merch. This groundbreaking, third major iteration in our Bitaxe series boasts the game-changing BM1366 ASIC from the esteemed S19XP.

🔥 Unparalleled Efficiency:
Unleash mining hash rates exceeding 500 GH/s with an astonishingly low power consumption of just 20W. The Bitaxe 1366 perfectly balances raw power with energy efficiency. The standard mining speed is 425 GH/s at only 11W of power consumption.

💡 Fully Programmable and Adjustable:
With open-source software, hardware, and firmware, the Bitaxe 1366 offers unparalleled customization. If you're tech-savvy, take full control of your mining rig and make it truly your own. The built-in, detachable screen provides real-time mining stats for on-the-fly adjustments.

🔌 Plug-and-Play Simplicity:
Your Bitaxe 1366 is ready to mine straight out of the box, complete with a universal 110V - 230V power supply that ensures you can operate globally without a hitch.

🌍 Global Versatility:
Wherever your location, the Bitaxe 1366 is your international passport to mining excellence.

❄️ Built-In Cooling:
An integrated dual ball-bearing fan guarantees maximum lifespan and keeps your Bitaxe 1366 running cool and efficient.

🛠 Open Source & Community Driven:
A portion of the profits from each Bitaxe 1366 will be invested back into R&D for the open-source Bitaxe community, fostering innovation and future enhancements.

🔵 Made in the USA:
Assembled right here in the United States, even the assembly hardware is open source!

🍃 Lead-Free:
We prioritize both your safety and environmental responsibility. Rest assured, the Bitaxe 1366 is completely lead-free.

🛡️ Unmatched Customer Support:
Being a valued part of the family means enjoying top-tier customer service, lightning-fast shipping from California, and the comfort of our unmatched 3-month warranty.

🌕 Ready for Lift-Off:
Buckle up and prepare for a financial journey like no other. The Bitaxe 1366 is not just a miner; it's your key to unlocking untold opportunities in the cryptocurrency universe.

🛒 Secure your Bitaxe 1366 today and pioneer the future of crypto mining. Small in size but colossal in potential, the Bitaxe 1366 is truly a giant leap for your financial endeavors. 🌟

*We will send you the newest version that will have a different model. The newest model will have best performance!

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Bitaxe Ultra 1366

Very fast shipping. Was very easy to get connected to wifi and start mining. Highly recommend!!!!!

Bitaxe Ultra 1366 Bitcoin miner

The bitaxe is doing great, I've been monitoring verday, no flaw at all. I have a friend that wants to start mining as well Ill recomended him bitcoin merch to him. I am amateure with mining and Ill pass on my knowledge to him

James Blake

I ordered one but I`m curious: will BitAx work with Nicehash Easyminer? Thanks

Daniel Labelle
Solo mining

Happy to be solo mining the Bitcoin.
Even though it is more likely a very infinite chance of hitting a block, just the idea to be participating in the life changing projet is incredible. Thanks to technology that makes it possible to nine Bitcoin with so little cost. Great job guys.

Zahid Zakariah
Unstable power

Ordered 4x, only 3x working fine..the other one is running more than 12v and the chip is running hot fast. Bitcoin Merch should cover shipping cost for me to send it back as this will cost me more than the price purchased...

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