Gekkoscience Smarthub - 11 Ports - PSU Not Included

Stick Type: No USB Sticks
Fan Type: Performance
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Introducing the Gekkosceience Smarthub, the ultimate mining powerhouse designed to simplify your crypto mining experience. With 9 powered ports on top and two lower-power side ports, this hub offers seamless connectivity for your mining setup.

Equipped with a Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 controller featuring integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet, this hub ensures quick setup and easy configuration. Its vibrant green-on-black OLED screen and specialized mining software make monitoring and setup a breeze.

Upon boot, it functions as a Wi-Fi host, providing instant IP access for convenient web interface connection. Over Ethernet, it’s ready for immediate configuration. Easily set up local Wi-Fi, pool configs, and miner settings that persist until a hardware reset, simplifying your experience.

The default mining mode showcases comprehensive stats, including individual miner hashrates, along with a live BTC/USD price ticker and other essential data. This plug-and-play design reduces the learning curve for seamless usability.

The hub's vertical port spacing accommodates sticks with snap-on fans, utilizing all 9 ports effectively. Moreover, all 11 ports support data lines, allowing connections to any USB miner or device for enhanced mining capabilities.

Beyond mining, this Linux-based computer offers versatility for various applications. With limited availability, the Gekkosceience Smarthub from Bitcoin Merch is the epitome of efficiency and functionality for your mining endeavors.\

Smarthub with Compac A1:

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Simple setup and easy to get started

I purchased a combo of SmartHub, 9x Compac F 9 LED fans, 2 USB hubs, and a BitcoinMerch label power supply. It took awhile to get here (about 6 weeks) but I figured everyone are buying one.

The BitcoinMerch power supply is a brick and is more than adequate for the task at hands. Powering up takes a couple of minutes before the LCD screen lights up. The mining setup literally take a minute. You have to give a thumb up to GekkoScience for putting everything (hardware and software) together so that you don't have to figure out how/what are needed and where. If you are getting started, watch BitcoinMerch's video up above where he walked you through the setup (It will save you time). After that, I would suggest that you SSH to the Pi and image the volume as a backup and copy it out to a safe place.. Then there is a web interface that gives you all the statistics that you want to have in one place.

My rig runs for a few days at a time without any problem but then it crashes. The first few crashes probably because there is a memory leak in the software somewhere as the mining stops. Restarting the Pi alone won't restart the hub so I had to power cycle. My workaround is to setup a cron to restart the Pi every few days and have an external timer to cycle the power. The latest crash was probably power related because the whole rig shut down so I had to move all the fan to a self-powered USB hub (otherwise the rig won't start).

The peak hash rates were about 2.24 Th/s out of the box (the attached picture showed the rates while it was ramping up so ignore it). I have issues with 3 sticks running at the rates way below the rest but I haven't figure it out why yet. If you are getting one, I would suggest getting the fan without LED. It's pretty but it burns additional power; though just a few mA each.

I wrapped my top plate in carbon fiber just for the look, coz raw unfinished aluminum looks kind of ugly. It's probably a mistake because it doesn't help with the cooling of the hub itself. I probably would 3D print a case for the SmartHub with a fan to force-air cooling it at some point.

Your mileage may varies but get one...

Ben Kamoo
Smart hub 11 port

Very happy with it... very quick delivery. ...

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