How to setup the Bitaxe 1366 Ultra Guide

Bitaxe 1366 Setup Guide


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Welcome to the world of efficient cryptocurrency mining with your new Bitaxe 1366! Follow these simple steps to get your device up and running.

Step 1: Attaching the Screen

  • Your Bitaxe 1366 comes with the screen detached to ensure its protection during delivery.
  • Carefully attach the screen to the unit using the provided fixtures.

Step 2: Power Connection

  • Plug the power cable into a wall outlet. The Bitaxe 1366 is designed to work with any voltage worldwide.
  • Connect the other end of the power cable to your Bitaxe 1366.

Step 3: Initial Boot-Up

Wait for the screen to display "Bitaxe_7339". This indicates the unit is ready for setup.

Step 4: Connecting to Wi-Fi

  • On your smartphone or computer, search for available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Connect to the "Bitaxe_7339" network. Please be patient as this might take a minute.
  • If prompted to continue connecting without internet access, select 'YES'.

Step 5: AxeOS Setup

  • Once connected, a web page should automatically open for setup. If it doesn't, manually visit
  • In AxeOS, navigate to 'Settings'.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi details:
    • Wi-Fi ID: Enter your 2.4G Wi-Fi SSID. (Contact your internet provider if unsure about your Wi-Fi frequency).
    • Wi-Fi Password: Ensure accuracy to avoid connection issues.

Step 6: Customizing Your Miner

  • Stratum User: Change this to your username to receive mining rewards.
  • Stratum URL: Enter the URL of any bitcoin pool supporting your mining. Do not include 'TCP://' in the URL.

Upgrading The AxeOS Firmware 

  • You can find the files here:
  • Download both the www.bin and esp-miner.bin files. In axeOS, you'll see two labeled buttons on the settings page for uploading these files.
  • Simply upload both of them.


Need Help?

  • For any queries or suggestions regarding the setup, please email us at
  • Mention this guide's URL in your communication for better assistance.

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