CryptoTAG Zeus Starter Kit - Seed Key Phrase Backup

Sale price$149.99


When you make a backup of your (hardware) wallet, you have to write 12 to 24 recovery words on a piece of paper. Do you think this is a safe way to hodl?

With the CRYPTOTAG you store these recovery words on 6mm thick bulletproof titanium. The Zeus Starter Kit has a storage capacity of 24 recovery words.

#1 Best-selling crypto backup in the world

How does it work?

  • Write down your recovery words on the included Conversion Sheet
  • Find the correlating numbers in the BIP39 word list
  • Write down the numbers on the Conversion Sheet
  • Punch the numbers in the CRYPTOTAG Plates

Tip: If your triceps hurt after these steps, you should visit the gym more.

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