PSU Fan Splitter SATA to 10X Power PC Speed Speed Controller Adapter Fan HUB Cooler Fan PWM

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Packing List: 1 X HUB Splitter,1 X 4 Pin Connection Cable
Color: S how as Pictures
Line Interface: Small 4Pin PWM
Size: 70x45x15mm/2.76*1.77*0.59in

1. Expand the 10-pin fan 4-pin interface to solve the lack of motherboard interface and centralize the processing of fan wires.
2. The PWM interface is connected to the CPU fan interface of the motherboard, and the red is the dedicated interface for the CPU fan (with speed measurement function). The black interface is a PWM conventional fan interface (no speed measurement signal, but does not affect the PWM function).
3. The power supply can be directly powered by the power supply, which can reduce the load pressure on the motherboard. The temperature control line PWM is separately connected from the motherboard, and the power supply and temperature control are correct.
4. Scope of application: suitable for 12V motherboard 3pin / 4pin fan, 3pin fan can also be used, but plug in to run at full speed because 3pin fan has no PWM speed regulation
5: The back of the hub PCB board has 3M adhesive, which is convenient for sticking in a flat place. Also comes with a fixed reel hole (the product comes with a 40cm long PWM temperature control cable)

1. Avoid speed measurement confusion, the computer freezes, and the multi-channel interface extended by one interface only shows the speed measurement of one of the fans!
2. This product is a PWM speed regulator. Its function is to expand a single motherboard's four-pin port into multiple ports for unified speed adjustment. If your fan is a 3-pin fan, you can also plug it in, but you cannot achieve PWM control speed!

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