JuBiter Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Color: White
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JuBiter Blade is a slim, simple, and extremely secure wallet for keeping your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC-20 currencies. JuBiter Blade is designed and built with the consideration of security in every step. Being the safe box of your crypto assets, JuBiter Blade is just tough, very tough



  • CC EAL6+ Secure element; Secure Java OS.
  • Hardware RNG generated wallet seed. The seed never leaves the secure element.


The built-in OLED display is directly connected to SE. No malicious modification can be made between SE and screen.



  • BIP32/BIP39/BIP44 compliant.
  • The restoration process is completely conducted offline.



JuBiter wallet makes transactions over either USB or Bluetooth.


JuBiter Wallet Companion App

JuBiter wallet companion app can be used as either the management tool of the hardware wallet or a simple free software wallet. With the JuBiter wallet companion app, users can easily make transactions wherever and whenever you want with their Android or iOS devices.


Why JuBiter Wallet is Extremely Secure?

No MCU, no co-processor, JuBiter hardware wallet has only a single CC EAL 6+ secure element running with secure Java OS. All operational buttons and display are directly connected to the secure element. JuBiter wallet reduces potential vulnerabilities by downgrading the complexity of the security model which eliminates the risk of man in the middle attacks.


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