Goldshell SC5 PRO

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Introducing the Goldshell SC5 PRO – Unleash the Power of Efficient Bitcoin Mining!

High-Performance Modes:

  • Default Mode Hashrate: 11TH/s with a +5% boost
  • Default Mode Power: 2820W with a +5% increase
  • Default Mode Power Consumption: 256J/TH for optimal efficiency

Efficient Low-Power Mode:

  • Low-Power Mode Hashrate: 8.8TH/s with a +5% boost
  • Low-Power Mode Power: 2020W for energy-conscious mining
  • Low-Power Mode Power Consumption: 229J/TH for reduced energy usage

Technical Specifications:

  • Algorithm: Blake2b for reliable processing
  • Cryptocurrency: SC for lucrative mining
  • Dimensions (w/ packaging): Compact size at 370x305x450mm
  • Weight (w/ packaging): 13.1kg for easy handling

User-Friendly Features:

  • Noise Level: ≤55dB for quiet operation
  • Connection Port: Ethernet for seamless connectivity

Adaptable to Your Environment:

  • Temperature: 0-35°C for versatile usage
  • Relative Humidity: ≤65% for stable performance
  • Input Voltage: Wide range from 100V to 240V
  • Power Cable: 16A for reliable power supply

Efficient Cooling:

  • Fan Specifications: 6000rpm for effective heat dissipation

Experience the superior mining capabilities of the Goldshell SC5 PRO – your gateway to high-performance and reliable Bitcoin mining!

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