GekkoScience COMPAC F + Fan Upgrade - COMBO Up to 350GH/s

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Now Supporting Windows OS!

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Compac F Manual Setup Guide - Click Here

The Compac F is the most powerful USB Bitcoin miner ever made - that actually turns a profit in most cases. This rig includes active air cooling on each miner. Those miners can peak at much higher wattage compared to the older version, the NewPac miner. It is up to 5 times more powerful than the NewPac miner as well. It is unlocked for overclocking (Voids warranty). It features a single 7nm technology BM1397 chip.

Wow, one of our fortunate customers struck gold by successfully mining a block and earning an incredible 6.25 BTC!

*Made in the USA

** Some programming with Git is required on Linux to be able to mine on this new USB Miner. However, you can add to this kit our Raspberry Pi computer with Compac F preinstalled for easy beginner mining. Git file available here - add to the line of code for mining "--gekko-compacf-freq 400"

 Or download the Windows file here

This combo includes:

1 x GekkoScience COMPAC F (BM1397) USB Stickminers 270-350GH/s 7nm chip miner.

1 x Bitcoin Merch® USB Miner Fan Upgrade.

**Note**  A Powered USB hub is required in order to mine with the COMPAC F USB Miner. We highly recommend our 7-port USB hub suggested above, which is designated for usb miners.


Mining Algorithm: SHA-256, Minable Coins: Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinCash (BCH), Acoin (ACOIN), Curecoin (CURE), Joulecoin (XJO), Unbreakable (UNB), Peercoin (PPC), Mark (DEM), Terracoin (TRC), BitcoinSV (BSV).

Customer Reviews

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Everything is always super cold that's why I have fans that don't make much noise.

Yein Moreta

GekkoScience COMPAC F + Fan Upgrade - COMBO Up to 350GH/s

Mr. Nice guy for a girl

So I bought two. I can get up to 1 terahash per second. At 475 MHz. I have gone up to 530 megahertz to stabilize the Terrahash. If the workload causes problems with the current clocking that you're using it's best to clock upwards. However if your pool client is sending you more difficulty packets. You won't have a place to put them. So it just clogs up the whole thing. So with clocking. More workloads means more clocking needed.

Arturo Zepeda
Great Miner

Thought I would give this miner a try after watching some videos. I was happy as it worked like a charm! No issues, easy setup and consistently mining at 270+ G/hs.

Noemi Erbogasto

GekkoScience COMPAC F + Fan Upgrade - COMBO Up to 350GH/s

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