EasyGo CompuCleaner - Electric Computer Blower for Electronic Devices – Alternative to Compressed Air or Canned Air

Color: White
Sale price$79.99


 Link to Europe power adapter (supports 220V) 

Every miner needs one. Your expensive mining gear will not run for long without proper maintenance.

Grab one of those and you will be able to keep your rigs running for longer.

Fans that get too dirty can cause clogs in the bearings and cause lower airflow, with this device you can make sure this will not happen, and keep dust and dirt out!


  • EasyGo CompuCleaner is a computer blower that runs from 120V electricity not compressed air gas. It can also be used as a keyboard cleaner, keyboard blower, laptop cleaner, and for many other electronic devices.
  • Just plug this electric air duster into an electrical outlet and it is ready to blow high pressure air immediately and continuously unlike compressed air dusters. Unlike a vacuum this cleaner blows the dust away.
  • Our CompuCleaner has a Powerful 500 watts using 4.0 AMPS of electricity and gives an air flow of 70 CFM.
  • CompuCleaner is EASY to use, only weighs 1.8 pounds, and has an extra-long 9 foot cord to maneuver around easily.
  • Attachments - large attachment is good for cleaning large areas like server rooms and equipment. The round attachment is designed to blast a powerful surge of air into a specific location. The brush and flexible smaller attachment can fit into hard to reach areas and allows scrubbing on heavily dusty areas

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