CRYPTOTAG - Thor Expansion Kit

Sale price$199.99


Space grade Titanium

Maximum protection for your private keys and recovery seed. 
Safe moon landing guaranteed.


Up to 1665°C


Corrosion and Erosion Resistant


Bullet stopping power


The perfect companion

In case your trusty hardware wallet gives up. CRYPTOTAG has your back!

Capable of storing 48 recovery words.

  • Backing up:
  • 2xLedger
  • 2xTREZOR
  • 4xKeepKey

Hammer time

Get set up in no time! Perfectly engrave your private key in the titanium with a few simple hammer strokes.

Four simple steps

  1. Place the CRYPTOTAG Plate in the Anvil.
  2. Place the Bit Holder on the row you want to enter your recovery words.
  3. Place the Bit with the correct letter inside the Bit Holder.
  4. Hammer time! Give the Bit a smash with the hammer to perfectly engrave the letter, forever in Titanium.

Compatible with various hardware wallets like Ledger, BitBox02, Trezor, and more, this expansion kit safeguards your private key. Crafted from titanium, your key remains secure even in extreme conditions, withstanding temperatures up to 1665°C.

Included in the Kit:

  • 1 titanium plate (for 2x 24 words)

Not Included:

Expand your crypto security effortlessly with the Thor Expansion Kit from Bitcoin Merch, ensuring your peace of mind and the protection of your valuable private keys.

*You must purchase the full CRYPTOTAG kit to order and use this product. Contact us for more info.

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