ColdLar Pro 3 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Sale price$999.99


  • Most smooth operation experience: the world’s first mobile-based cryptocurrency hardware wallet brings you incredible operation experience;
  • Highest industrial security level: we creatively generate No-Internet method to create transaction which extremely guarantee your private key are safely stored inside the wallet; Private key are calculated by seed phrase and payment password together;
  • Most convenient transaction: unique physical separation design of wallet and App, which allows the transaction data transmission between the wallet and App via secure and efficient QR code or NFC;
  • Most wide range of mainstream cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH and all ERC-20 tokens, ETC, BCH, BCX, XPR, EOS, LTC, DASH, DOGE, ZEC, BCD, BTG, SBTC, NEM, QTUM, ACT, IPC;
  • Enterprise-level multi-signature account: support to create multi-signature account which satisfies both enterprises and individuals fund co-management demands.

【ColdLar】ColdLar is a leading hardware service company which is specializing in offering security solution for blockchain crypto assets, ColdLar has been invested by Huobi, Bitmain and etc., and the co-founder was one of Huobi original co-founders. We are committed to forward the blockchain technology research and application and focused on the new blockchain products innovation. As one of the largest hardware wallet manufacturers, our ColdLar hardware wallets line has been widely accepted by cryptocurrency investors worldwide. 

【ColdLar Pro 3】Pro 3 adopts industrial Hierarchical Deterministic technical scenario, users are needed to record their seed password (assigned randomly) and set up their payment password, then the private keys for different cryptocurrencies are generated by seed password and payment password together. 

【Why ColdLar】ColdLar is not only premium in its design but also has advanced wallet functions, we add biometric fingerprint unlock solution to enhance the wallet security, and users are also enabled to collect the corresponding forked tokens easily and convenient. Meanwhile, ColdLar wallet supports multi-languages (English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean). ColdLar, we speak security.

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