BTC-D37 Mining Motherboard w/ CPU, 8GB DDR3, 64GB SSD 8-GPU Slots

Sale price$279.99


  • This mining motherboard is a motherboard CPU set for mining machines, with low power consumption, low heat generation, energy-saving, and power saving.
  • Chip: HM77 chip,
  • Memory: 1 x DDR3 SODIMM slot, support 1066/1333/1600MHz, 
  • Display: Onboard VGA + HDMI + PCIEX 16 (for discrete graphics)
  • Networks: Onboard 1 x chipset for Gigabit networks (support networks boot or PXE boot).
  • graphics card spacing 5 cm/2 inch, while BTC-D37 graphics card spacing 5.5 cm/2.2 inch.
  • Video Card/Graphics Cards support: Up to 8
  •  Intel CPU pre-installed.
  • 8GB DDR3 pre-installed.
  • 64GB SSD pre-installed.


*All photos are for illustration purposes only.
**PCB/Board color may vary due to supply.

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