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Introducing the StrongU STU-U6 Dash Miner – your ticket to efficient cryptocurrency mining! StrongU, a leading developer of cutting-edge computing chips for the blockchain and artificial intelligence industries, has crafted this powerhouse with a commitment to high-speed, low-consumption performance.

Key Features:

  • Algorithm: Meticulously designed for the X11 algorithm.
  • Hashrate: Achieves an impressive 450 GH/s for optimum mining efficiency.
  • Power Consumption: Operates at 2100 W, balancing power usage for cost-effectiveness.
  • Profitability: At an electricity cost of 8¢/kWh, the StrongU STU-U6 boasts a daily profitability of $-1.28, mining 0.0947 DASH in 24 hours.

Ease of Use: The StrongU STU-U6 Dash Miner comes complete with a power supply unit (psu) and a complimentary power cord as a thoughtful gift. Simply use Google browser to log in and start your mining journey.

Comparative Advantage: Outshining competitors like Antminer S9, Antminer S17+ 73th, Antminer S17pro 53th, S15, S9 Antminer, and Antminer T17 42th, the StrongU STU-U6 is the epitome of profitability and competitiveness in the mining landscape.

Temperature Management: During operation, the miner generates heat. Ensure a temperature below 25℃, keep air inlets and outlets unblocked, and promptly ventilate heat out of your space.


  • Brand: StrongU
  • Type: ASIC Miner
  • Model: STU-U6
  • Algorithm: X11 Algorithm
  • Hashrate: 450 GH/s
  • Power: 2200 W
  • Mineable Coins: Dash (DASH) coins and other cryptocurrencies utilizing the X11 Proof of Work algorithm.

Join the mining revolution with the StrongU STU-U6 Dash Miner – your reliable partner for profitability and performance in the world of cryptocurrency mining!

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