Bitcoin Merch® - 3.5" Screen Monitor For Raspberry Pi & Mining Rig

Sale price$38.99


This tiny monitor will save you money and space. With HDMI support you can connect this monitor to any mining rig, computers or anything you would like to monitor up close.

With low power consumption and small form, it can be added to an existing rig, or you can include it on your next build. You will be able to monitor your performance live without the need for a large screen.
  • Fit a Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 perfectly, connect to the 
  • Display resolution is 480x320. HDMI input resolution supports 480x320 to 1920x1280 any resolution
  • HDMI Interface for display. Supports HDMI audio split. Refreshes up to 60 frames per second
  • Supports touch screen


*Raspberry Pi and HDMI cable/adapter is not included. 

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