Chia 20 TBe Hard Drive Upgrade Manual

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Chia Miner Upgrade Setup Guide


Steps for Upgrading

  1. Connect the Upgrade:

    • Use the USB cable included in the upgrade kit.
    • While your existing Chia Full Kit is running, connect the upgrade using this USB cable.
    • Plug the extra hard drive into the additional port on the power supply.
  2. Power Supply Capacity:

    • The power supply included in the kit can support up to three additional hard drives per kit.
  3. Initialization:

    • After connecting, wait for approximately 30 minutes. This allows the system to recognize and integrate the new hard drive.
    • During this time, the extra hard drive will become visible in the stats on your Evergreen app.
  4. Full Integration:

    • It may take 1-2 days for the full size of the drives to be reflected in your Evergreen app. This is normal as the system fully integrates the new storage capacity.


  • Monitoring: Regularly check the Evergreen app to monitor the status and performance of your upgraded Chia Miner.
  • Expansion: Remember, you can expand your setup further, as each kit can handle up to three additional hard drives.

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