Bitcoin Merch Chia XCH Miner 9TB Full Kit

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Introducing the Bitcoin Merch Chia Miner 9TB Full Kit: Your Gateway to Efficient Cryptocurrency Mining

Bitcoin Merch Chia XCH Miner 9TB Full Kit Manual Setup Guide -

Beginner-Friendly, High-Performance Mining Made Simple: The Bitcoin Merch Chia Miner 9TB Full Kit is the ultimate starter pack for both newcomers and seasoned miners. Designed to get you earning in minutes, this comprehensive package is your first step towards efficient and profitable cryptocurrency mining.

Exclusive Bonus for Our Customers: Receive a Unique Bitcoin Merch NFT with Your Purchase! Elevate your mining experience with an exclusive Bitcoin Merch NFT, included with every purchase of the Chia Miner 9TB Full Kit. This digital collectible not only symbolizes your smart investment but also connects you to the Bitcoin Merch community of savvy miners.

What's Included in Your Starter Kit:

  1. Evergreen Hub Standard Edition: At the core of this kit is the Evergreen Hub Standard Edition, a robust and reliable foundation for your mining setup. Engineered for optimal performance, this hub ensures seamless operation and maximum efficiency.

  2. Expansion Pack: Future-proof your mining endeavor with our Expansion Pack. As your needs grow, this kit grows with you, allowing for easy scalability and enhanced performance.

  3. 10A PSU and Splitter: Power up your mining rig with our high-grade 10A PSU, complemented by a convenient splitter. This duo provides stable and reliable power, essential for uninterrupted mining.

  4. Gigabit Ethernet Cable: Connect to the world of mining with our high-speed Gigabit Ethernet cable. Enjoy fast and secure data transfer, ensuring your rig is always in sync with the network.

  5. USB to MicroB Cable: Link your devices effortlessly with our premium USB to MicroB cable, designed for durability and consistent performance.

Peace of Mind with a 90-Day Warranty: Your investment is protected with a 90-day warranty, covering you against any unforeseen issues, giving you peace of mind as you embark on your mining journey.

Expandable for Future Growth: As the world of cryptocurrency evolves, so can your mining setup. This kit is designed with expansion in mind, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing mining landscape.

Why Choose the Bitcoin Merch Chia Miner 9TB Full Kit?

  • Ease of Use: Perfect for beginners, this kit simplifies the mining process, allowing you to start earning with minimal setup.
  • Scalability: Designed to grow with your ambitions, easily expand your rig as your mining needs evolve.
  • Reliability: Built with high-quality components, ensuring consistent operation and long-term durability.
  • Efficient Performance: Maximize your earnings with a setup that's optimized for energy efficiency and high output.
  • Unique NFT Bonus: Enhance your collection with an exclusive Bitcoin Merch NFT, a testament to your commitment to smart mining.
  • Comprehensive Support: Backed by's expert support, guiding you every step of the way.

Start Your Mining Journey Today with a Special Bonus!

Join the ranks of successful miners with the Bitcoin Merch Chia Miner 9TB Full Kit. Ideal for those looking to dive into the world of cryptocurrency mining, this kit offers everything you need to get started, including an exclusive Bitcoin Merch NFT. Backed by the quality and support of, order now and embark on your profitable mining adventure!

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Yein Moreta
Everything works super well

everything works very well it doesn't make much noise it's very quiet for me it's fine

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