Bitcoin Merch Chia XCH Miner 9TB Full Kit Manual Setup Guide

Bitcoin Merch Chia XCH Miner 9TB Full Kit Manual Setup Guide

  1. Contents: The kit includes a control board, four USB ports for expansion, an Ethernet connector, a power cord, a 9TB (or higher) hard drive, a power adapter (usable worldwide), a power splitter (for up to five hard drives and the main controller), a USB adapter, and an Ethernet cord.

  2. Bonus: Each purchase includes a unique Bitcoin Merch NFT.

Setting Up

  1. Assembling the Miner:

    • Attach the hard drive to the controller; they snap together easily.
    • Connect the power adapter to the power splitter, then to the hard drive and controller.
    • Use the USB adapter to connect the controller.
  2. Powering On:

    • Plug in the power supply.
    • The miner will indicate it's on with a light.
  3. App Installation:

    • Download the free app for your smartphone by scanning the QR code on the box.
    • Follow the app instructions to set up your device.
    • Allow the app to access your location while using it.
  4. Connecting to Wi-Fi:

    • The miner works with 2G Wi-Fi only.
    • Log in to your Wi-Fi network and enter the password provided in the instructions.
    • The app will find the new Evergreen device; follow the prompts to set it up with your Wi-Fi.
  5. Wallet Creation:

    • The app will create a wallet for your mining activities.
    • Initially, the wallet will show a zero balance.
  6. NFT Claiming:

    • Scan the QR code included to claim your Bitcoin Merch NFT.

Monitoring and Expansion

  1. Monitoring:

    • The app allows you to monitor your miner's performance, including memory usage and income generation.
  2. Expansion:

Final Steps

  • Wait for the Evergreen Farm (your miner) to start populating.
  • Check your NFT collection in the app.
  • The miner is low power (10 watts), nearly silent, and easy to expand.

For more detailed information or to purchase the kit, visit Bitcoin Merch Chia XCH Miner 9TB Full Kit.

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