Top 10 Countries to Mine Crypto In the World

Mining is getting harder and more expensive. Electricity cost plays a vital part of mining success. Here is our list of top 10 places to mine cryptocurrencies around the world -

10. Nigeria $0.18 KW - 84°F 29°C 
9. Brazil $0.17 KW -  75°F 24°C 
8. Russia $0.11 KW - 65°F 18°C 
7. South Africa $0.10 KWh -  73°F 23°C 
6. Canada $0.10 KW - 60°F 15°C - must register to (Fintrac) as a company
5. Mexico $0.10 KW - 75°F 24°C
4. USA, Louisiana $0.09 KWh - 69°F 20°C
3. India $0.08 KW - 91°F 32°C
2. China $0.08 KW - 60°F 15°C Illegal, maybe with connections you can mine in China
1. Venezuela 75°F 24°C - Some miners get arrested

Honerable mentions -
In Qatar, if you are native, which is only 15" of the population, electricity is free!
Dorms, apartments and etc... - electricity sometimes is included in the rent but most of the time the landlord will not accept.
Obviously if you get free electricity you can make larger profit but make sure to talk to your landlord first.



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