How To Setup 6 GPU's To Mine Ethereum

In this video I build a mining rig with 6X 1080 Ti graphics cards from scratch.

You would need all the parts and basically build a computer with six graphics cards. Step one is to build the rig itself.

Nowadays we sell complete READY-TO-MINE™ cases so it would be allot easier and probably cheaper as well.

The benefit of making it yourself from scratch is the ability to choose each individual part. The READY-TO-MINE™ is already set with pre installed parts and ready to go.

The next step after assembling the case is to install the motherboard, CPU, RAM, SSD and so on. On this step I made sure I have a working computer.

Once the rig has all the components minus the GPU's - it's time to install them using PCI-E Risers. Each GPU would need one of those, and the power supply would need to provide power to each one of the risers.

Now we need to change some BIOS settings, like enabling 4G decoding and so on. Some mining motherboards, and READY-TO-MINE™ cases, already have pre-set BIOS that is ready to go. Now you can install your favorite OS, or mining OS like HiveOS or NiceHashOS or Linux.

From here you would need a pool (or account with NiceHash) so then the profits go to you! Now lay back, grab a drink, and see those crypto gains come your way on a daily basis.

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