Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto

I decided to write this article today, because of all that is going on lately with failed exchanges. 

As a Crypto person that has been in this market since 2015, I can tell you that this is not practically surprising to me, because I experienced it many many times.

Luckily I learned from my mistakes and I hold most if not all of my crypto OFFLINE. This means I hold them on hardware wallets, rather than on exchanges. 

One of the reasons I keep Bitcoin Merch successful and healthy financially as a company, is because I actually work with the movement of the market and do my very best to not be leveraged at all.


Bitcoin Merch team saw a large increase in sales of seed key backups, as people recognize the term "Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto".

I personally did not get effected by the fall of the recent large exchanges and companies related to crypto, and I'm sorry for those who did. I hope you will be able to get some or all of your funds back.

The worst thing about this is now people has less trust in crypto, even though its bad actors who made this issues happen, not necessarily the technology of crypto.

I recommend you check out our seed key backup product section, and, start taking your crypto portfolio security seriously. I personally try to not hold much crypto or fiat in exchanges, I use exchanges to exchange the crypto and then I cash out immediately.

Check out our Seed Key Backup Category and start backing up your hardware wallets in a serious matter.

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