Bitcoin Merch™ Mars Lander - Bitcoin Miner For Beginners

This article is meant for first time bitcoin miners. Here at Bitcoin Merch we want to make the process for first time miners as easy and simple as possible.

For first time miners we recommend these options - 

A)   Bitcoin Merch™ - Mars Lander

B)   Gekkoscience Compac F

A) Bitcoin Merch Mars Lander

The Bitcoin Merch ™ - Mars Lander is the easiest and most effortless miner to start with! Below you can find step by step instructions on how to mine with the Bitcoin Merch™ - Mars Lander along with a video tutorial.


Set-Up Instructions for Bitcoin Merch™ - Mars Lander 

  • open Bitcoin Merch™ - Mars Lander box
  • take out micro SD card from Bitcoin Merch™ - Mars Lander and put the micro SD in USB reader
  • plug-in USB reader to computer
  • find and change the wifi setting found in the wpa_supplicant.conf file
  • find and change the bitcoin payout address found in the cgminer.conf file
  • return micro SD card to the Bitcoin Merch™ - Mars Lander
  • plug-in power supply
  • enjoy your new Bitcoin Merch™ - Mars Lander while its mining bitcoin!!


Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Merch™ - Mars Lander

Pros Cons
Simpler to use than GekkoScience Compac F Not upgradable
All-included, does not require multiple parts to work
Looks amazing!! Has cool LED RGB lights with a remote control


    B) GekkoScience Compac F Kit

    The GekkoScience Compac F Kit is a bitcoin miner that can be upgraded later on! Below you can find step by step instructions on how to mine with the GekkoScience Compac F Kit along with a video tutorial.

    Set-Up Instructions for GekkoScience Compac F Kit

    • attach fans on GekkoScience USB miners
    • put USB miners with fan attached into USB hub
    • plug-in USB to power
    • plug-in USB hub to Raspberry Pi
    • plug-in Raspberry Pi to 7" Monitor with HDMI or use your own monitor
    • follow instructions in Raspberry Pi - Read Me file
    • enjoy your new GekkoScience Kit while its mining bitcoin!!


    Pros and Cons of GekkoScience Compac F

      Pros Cons
      Upgradable / expandable Requires more steps to set-up
      Highly configurable More components needed to work

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