Revive - Manageable Hardware Restarter

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  • Up to 16 GPU based rigs to allow auto restarting.
  • Advanced software to manage work of the restarter (desktop and mobile)
  • Support any type of rigs (Windows, Linux)
  • Watchdog mode monitors your rigs and automatically restarts them when needed.
  • Rich open API - ready to integrate with your custom software or scripts.
  • Manual restart mode (on, off, restart).
  • Regular software updates.

    How it works:

    After connecting Revive to your local network, open the dashboard navigating to assigned IP address. From the dashboard you will be able to add / remove your rigs and change your settings. There’s no need to install anything on your rigs!

    You can connect up to 16 rigs to Revive. In the box you will find adapters to plug to a motherboard and cables to connect adapter with restarter. Green led light will inform you if Revive works correctly and yellow one when any of the connected ports will perform a restart.

    The watchdog mode sends ping requests to each rig, every 3 seconds. If a rig is inactive for 60 sec a restart sequence will be called (hold down power off for 8s and power on again). In case of failure it will repeat again.

    You can also manually turn on, off and restart any of the connected rig. Moreover rich API allows you to integrate the restarter with your custom software and perform selected actions on any of the 16 ports.


    What you find in the box:

    • Revive - Manageable Hardware Restarter
    • 16 x Adapters for RJ45 cable TO PC motherboard
    • 16 x RJ45 cables to connect Revieve with RIGs
    • User guide
    • Power supply


    You get 6 months of warranty, counting from successful delivery.

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