Mini SATA Adapter PCI-e/mSATA SSD/Express to 40pin ZIF/7pin/2.5'' Converter Card

Sale price$9.99


Support 30 mm*50 mm size mSATA SSD converted into a standard 2.5" SATA6.0Gbps interface
It's both backwards SATA3.0Gbps and SATA 1.5Gbps
The speed and other properties is not changed, only form conversion interface, because such transformation does not need through the integrated circuit chip
You can connect it to laptop or desktop, without any driver
The product only support mSATA Mini PCIE SSD, it dose not support SATA Mini PCIE SSD and PATA Mini PCIE SSD
Size: Approx. 57x46mm/ 2.24x1.81"
Package Included: 1PC*PCI-e mSATA to 2.5" SATA Gps Adapter Card
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