Magnetic Fine Fan Filter (fits Antminer A3, B3, D3, L3+, L3++, S3, S7, S9, T9, T9+, V9)

Color: Black
Sale price$10.99


Keep out dirt, bugs or anything else from entering your Antminer.

The filter is designed to be attached to the back of the unit where the air comes in from.

It's magnetic backing make it an effortless way to protect your investment miners - they do not require any screwing in, so you don't have to take your Antminer apart.

Just install it in the back of the miner (where the airflow comes in to the miner) and the magnetic backing will attach to the back metal fan guard.

Fits: Antminer S3, S5, S5+, S7, S9, T9, T9+, L3+, L3++, A3, E3, X3, B3, V9, D3 and any 6" 120mm fan sizes.

Washable and reusable. Gentle hand wash only. Do not bend, do not wash in a washing machine.

Clean every couple of weeks or when dust appear.


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