CryptoTAG Odin 3 - Titanium Seed Key Phrase Backup

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The ultimate security

What’s safer than physically backing up your seed on titanium? Splitting it into several pieces with Shamir’s Secret Sharing and backing it up on multiple titanium hexagons.

You decide how many shares there are and how many are required to unlock your wallet. Punch the numbers into the bars.

Because these numbers are the key to your wealth, Odin has been designed with strong focus on details.

The SLIP39 works only with the Trezor Shamir Backup. 

Split your seed with Shamir backup (SLIP39) for the safest HODL ever. Odin only works with Trezor's Shamir Backup on the Trezor Model T.


Can stand the heat

All Cryptotag backup products have been tested in temperatures up to 1665°C / 3029 °F.

Not afraid to get wet

Unlike that little piece of paper or inferior metals, Cryptotags don’t care if they get wet.

Might just save your life

Cryptotag plates are bulletproof.


1. Write down your recovery words on the included Conversion Sheets.
2. Find the correlating numbers in the SLIP39 word list.
3. Write down the numbers on your Conversion Sheets.
4. Punch the numbers in the Titanium Hexagons.
5. Hodl.


Wait, numbers instead of words?

Yes, instead of using the SLIP39 words we use the SLIP39 numbers. Why? Numbers are easier to store in titanium than long words. Easy peasy. NOTE: The SLIP39 works only with the Trezor Shamir Backup


What is SLIP39?

SLIP39 is the open-source industry-standard created and used by Trezor. It is an alphabetical word list of 1024 words.
The alphabetical list starts with the word 'Abandon', this is number '0001' The last word 'Zoo' is number '1024'. All the words in between also have a correlating number. Check out the list here.
Put simply: all the words have a correlating number. We use the numbers because it is easier to mark them in the titanium than long words.



How can I convert the numbers back into words?

The SLIP39 wordlist can be found on Github and other sources on the internet. Of course, you can also find it on our website and in the included setup guide in your Odin box. Once you have the SLIP39 list, you can look up the words that belong to your numbers. This will take you 5 minutes. Boom! Simple.

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