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Elevate your crypto mining operations with the cutting-edge BITMAIN ANTMINER - KS5 Pro Kaspa (KAS) MINER, boasting an unparalleled hash rate of 21 TH/s. This premier device is specifically engineered for mining Kaspa (KAS), offering professional miners and crypto enthusiasts alike the opportunity to significantly enhance their mining efficiency and profitability.

Product Highlights:

- Peak Performance: With a hash rate of 21 TH/s, the KS5 Pro Kaspa miner leads its class in mining efficiency, designed to optimize your earnings in the Kaspa blockchain network.
- Energy Efficiency: This model stands out for its exceptional power efficiency, meticulously calibrated to ensure that you get the most out of every watt of electricity. This balance of power and efficiency is key to maximizing long-term profitability in the volatile world of cryptocurrency mining.
- Advanced Cooling System: The KS5 Pro Kaspa miner incorporates a sophisticated cooling solution to sustain optimal performance. High-quality fans and heat sinks work in harmony to dissipate heat effectively, ensuring your miner operates at peak efficiency 24/7.
- Robust Build Quality: Housed in a sturdy and compact chassis, the KS5 Pro is built to last. Its design not only facilitates easy setup and maintenance but also enhances the overall durability of the unit, making it a valuable addition to any mining setup.
- User-Friendly Operation: Simplify your mining operations with an intuitive interface that ensures ease of use right out of the box. Whether you're a seasoned miner or new to the scene, setting up and managing your KS5 Pro Kaspa miner is straightforward.

Detailed Specifications:

- Algorithm: Optimized for the kHeavyHash / Kaspa (KAS) mining algorithm, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.
- Hash Rate: 21 TH/s, providing top-tier performance for Kaspa (KAS) mining.
- Power Supply: It comes with a 3150W built-in power supply.
- Power Consumption: Engineered for energy efficiency, this miner optimizes electricity use relative to its high hash rate output, making it one of the most efficient miners on the market.
- Network Connection: Ethernet, enabling reliable and fast connectivity for uninterrupted mining operations.
- Cooling: Advanced cooling technology, featuring high-performance fans and dedicated heat sinks to maintain optimal operating temperatures.
- Dimensions: Compact and designed for efficient space utilization in both home and industrial mining setups.
- Operating Temperature: Built to perform in a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring consistent operation and longevity.

The BITMAIN ANTMINER - KS5 Pro Kaspa (KAS) MINER (21 TH/S) represents the pinnacle of mining technology, offering unmatched efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Whether you're looking to expand your current mining operation or enter the world of cryptocurrency mining, the KS5 Pro Kaspa miner is engineered to exceed expectations and drive your success in the competitive mining industry.

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