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Introducing the BITMAIN ANTMINER - KS5 KAS MINER, the powerhouse of crypto mining technology. Designed for efficiency and unparalleled performance, this unit offers an impressive 20 TH/s (TeraHash per second), making it a formidable tool for anyone serious about mining Kaspa (KAS) and other compatible cryptocurrencies.

Key Features:

- High Hash Rate: With a hash rate of 20 TH/s, the KS5 KAS Miner is engineered to maximize your mining potential, ensuring that you stay ahead in the competitive world of cryptocurrency mining.
- Energy Efficiency: Designed with energy conservation in mind, this model achieves an excellent balance between power consumption and output, optimizing your operations and minimizing costs.
- Advanced Cooling System: Equipped with a state-of-the-art cooling system, the KS5 KAS Miner maintains optimal performance levels while ensuring the longevity of the hardware, even under continuous operation.
- User-Friendly Interface: Whether you're a seasoned miner or just starting out, the intuitive interface makes setup and management straightforward, allowing you to focus on maximizing your returns.
- Compact Design: The compact and durable design of the KS5 KAS Miner makes it suitable for various setups, from small-scale operations to extensive mining farms, offering flexibility without compromising on power.


- Hash Rate: 20 TH/s
- Power Supply: 3000W
- Power Consumption: Efficient energy use for optimal operation
- Cooling: Advanced system for sustained performance
- Connectivity: Ethernet for easy integration into your existing network
- Compatibility: Primarily designed for mining Kaspa (KAS)

Whether you're expanding your mining operation or just beginning your journey in the crypto world, the BITMAIN ANTMINER - KS5 KAS MINER (20 TH/S) represents a smart investment in your mining future. With its powerful performance, energy efficiency, and user-friendly operation, it's designed to help you achieve your mining goals with greater ease and profitability.

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