Bitcoin Merch® - Raspberry Pi Pre-Flashed With Your Firmware of Choice (Wifi Router, Avalon 8xx / 7xx, TTBit, NewPac)

Flashed With: GekkoScience COMPAC F / cgminer
Sale price$159.99


This is a complete Raspberry Pi 3B computer and it comes complete with a 3D printed case and a power supply.

This product was designed by us to provide a variety of uses such as directly mining on it, create a wireless solution to nonwireless miners, and having your whole mining operation running on a single board.

You will have an option on what image you want us to pre-flash it for you - so it is plug and play product.

It also includes a micro SD card with at least 8 GB of storage for all kinds of different applications as needed.

Limited customer support is included, however, if you get into software issues it might come at additional customer support service at a cost.


Included -

1. Raspberry Pi 3B.

2. 3D printed casing already installed.

3. 110/220 US Plug Power Supply with a switch.

4. 8GB Micro SD Card.

5. Preflashed with your choice of program or image.


Instructions -

For NewPac Flash - 

1. Connect to your wifi

2. Run terminal, type -

cd git/vthoang/cgminer

sudo ./cgminer -o stratrum+tcp://pool address -u User Name --suggest-diff 35 -p

You can also try 

cd cgminer
sudo ./cgminer -o stratrum+tcp://pool address -u User Name --suggest-diff 35 -p password

*Notes - Make sure to use one of our USB hubs to connect the newpac., it would not power it without a USB hub. Use "sudo" before you type the code to run cgminer, it might help you with permission level issues. Replace the pool info and wallet with yours. Default clock speeds --gekko-r606-freq 600 --gekko-newpac-freq 200 --gekko-compac-freq 200 --gekko-2pac-freq 150.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Arturo Zepeda
Raspberry Pi Pre-Flashed

I honestly wish everyone treated their customers like these Bitcoin Merch does. Everything arrived in perfect order, easy setup. The Pi was pre-flashed and it work without issue. It detected the 10port USB hub and connected USB miner. I was up and running in no time.



Jonathan Cooperman
Very happy with my purchase!

Raspberry pi’s are hard to find these days unless You’re shopping on eBay. Having it pre-flashed wasn’t something I necessarily needed - but because of how quickly they got it to me I am BERY happy to have paid a little bit extra. Have already made subsequent purchases and will continue to do business with BitcoinMerch!

Two Toes & Two Thumbs Up

Everything came in packed well & worked great. Was very pleased 😀. Will buy from them again.

Professional dealer

Great customer service, and clean nice boxing, fast shipping.I will buy again, trusted place.

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