5V 5A AC to DC Power Supply Adapter 100V~240V Input for Mars Lander / Bitaxe 1366 Upgrade

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This power supply is an upgrade for the Mars Lander / Bitaxe 1366 from the original 3 amps to 5 amps. This is useful if any other devices will be connected to the Mars Lander and help with overclocking as well. Remember that overclocking voids the warranty.

  • Input: 100V-240V 50/60Hz; Output: 5V DC, 5A Max. Output adaptor jack size: 5.5mm x 2.5mm (Compatible plug 5.5mm x2.1mm jack size). DC Plug Polarity: inner Positive(+), outer Negative(-), Polarity is irreversible.
  • Important Note: The output voltage is between 5.2V~5.5V, which is about 5%~10% higher than the marked 5V, this is the normal output range voltage designed by power professional technicians when the power supply is not connected to electrical appliances. Higher than the 5% to 10% Voltage overvoltage can't blow up the board you are powering with it, The voltage of the power supply will be reduced to 5V when it is connected to the appliance.
  • Safety Protection: Short-Circuit Protection, Overload Protection, Over Voltage Protection to protect your device.
  • Package includes 1pcs 5V 5A Power Supply. 

Customer Reviews

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Joel Messick
Extra Power for more hash rate, accepted shares and and Extra Power Strip Space

The hash rate and accepted shares are higher on the 5V 5A AC to DC Power Supply Adapter, then the original AC to DC Power Supply Adapter sent with the Bitaxe 1366. The plug on the 5V 5A AC to DC Power Supply Adapter also does not take up 2 spaces on my electric Power Strip like the original power supply, and power usage is the same. I also ordered 3 more of these 5V 5A AC to DC Power Supply Adapters to use with the 3 more Bitaxe 400 600ghz miners I already ordered and wanting for them to ship!

Daniel Parfimowicz
Power Supply for Mars Lander

Works very well - problems.
Made BTC go up ha ha ha.
Have not crushed a block yet and may never - but not due to power supply.

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