16 GPU Hanging Mining Frame/Case - Assembly Required

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16 GPU Hanging Mining Frame Open Air. This Kit form allows for you to customize your own setup, it includes all of the frame pieces cut to size, instructions and a fittings pack containing - brass stand offs, self tapping screws, cable ties and cable tie mounts. So all you need to do is drill your holes and either screw or rivet the frame together. Specs: Frame dimensions (Assembled): 20" x 20" x 10". Number of GPUs supported: up to 16 dual slotted cards. Motherboard Form factor supported: Support any form factor. Number of Power Supplies supported: up to 2 ATX PSUs.

  • All Aluminum Design for better heat dissipation and low weight.

  • Fit up to 2 Standard ATX PSUs (not included)

  • Up to 16 Dual Slot GPUs (not included). Can accommodate all GPU sizes: single, dual or triple slot cards (amount of GPUs fit will vary based on your GPUs slot numbers)

  • Special Cable Channel for cable management under your riser boards (riser boards not Included)

  • Stackable.

  • TOOLS REQUIRED for assembly, such as: Drill, Drill Bits, Screwdriver, Screws or Rivet Gun and Rivets.


Notes: Graphics cards are not included!

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