GekkoScience NEWPAC (Dual BM1387) USB Stickminer 90+GH/s

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Extremely low quantity; we highly recommend adding an active fan to run this miner. Check the "Complete my rig" section.

(we work extra hard to make sure manufacturing is done to fulfill orders ASAP).

*We might have 2pac Instead. We will let you know after checkout.

Supports all Windows versions, including Windows 10 - Download the Windows file here.

Minable coins

Mining Algorithm: SHA-256, Minable Coins: Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinCash (BCH), Acoin (ACOIN), Curecoin (CURE), Joulecoin (XJO), Unbreakable (UNB), Peercoin (PPC), Mark (DEM), Terracoin (TRC), BitcoinSV (BSV).

GekkoScience NEWPAC (Dual BM1387) USB Miner – 23GH’s+ USB Miner (SHA256)

All products are tested for non-DOA and confirmed to be working.

If you run the miners over about 100MHz, use a cooling fan.
Actively cooled sticks will use less amperage than passively cooled ones.


Non-cooled sticks are subject to thermal runaway, where heat will trigger increased amperage draw increasing heat in a cycle until the unit fails.

You can buy an upgraded active cooling attachment specifically designed for the NewPac here!

GekkoScience NEWPAC Dual BM1387 Stickminer

Features 2 Bitmain BM1387, the same chip found in the high-end Bitmain S9.

GekkoScience built a Mini USB miner that will run stock at 23+ GH's using only USB power and can overclock to upwards of 90 Gh's with adequate cooling and a powered USB hub.

It functions through a modified cgminer, which gives you command-line frequency control to adjust the hash rate.

This entry-level miner is good for anyone interested in tweaking and testing stuff, or for anyone wanting to “get into mining” without spending a lot of money or burning a lot of power. It’s designed as a flexible yet affordable tool to learn a lot about bitcoin mining and its hardware.  While it's small and doesn't offer the same hashing power as the big pod systems, the GekkoScience NEWPAC is the most power-efficient Bitcoin miner on the market today.

GekkoScience NEWPAC Dual BM1387 Stickminer USB Specifications:

  • GekkoScience Compac NEWPAC is a USB miner containing 2 BM1387 core chips.
  • Stock HashRate of 23 GHs w/ no external fan necessary.
  • Highly adjustable clock speed allowing upwards of 90+ GHs/second WARNING overclocking Voids Warranty!

Requires Custom GekkoScience CGMiner Build 4.11.1 and USB Drivers (Complete instructions included with purchase)

GekkoScience NEWPAC USB Setup Guide

Customer Reviews

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Delivered as promised

Received the items with UPS everything was okay nothing was damaged thank you for the extra gifts. I only wish for to have the correct instructions to be sent along with the products. Other than that, good stuff guys. Will be back!

what happen

what happen if you put it in the your pc the usb

Matthew Arney
Great Product.

Fun little device to play around with. I have 3, was 4 but accidently burned one out, and have gotten then up to 550mhz and minimal voltage modding.

Michael Sorensen
There a good little learning tool

Good learning tool but not the most profitable I own 10 of them and make $0.35 every 2-3 days overclocked to 200 mh
but if ur on a budget and do it as a fun hobby to tinker with not a bad little device

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