Bitcoin Toilet Paper - 250 sheets - 3 ply

Sale price$39.99


Comes with a gift box with funny wordings on it.

  • AN AWESOME PRESENT IDEA FOR ALMOST ANY OCCASION! Well, we’d perhaps avoid anniversaries, and weddings but, other than that, this whimsical Bitcoin toilet tissue paper roll is a great choice for birthdays, name days, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more; just make sure that the recipient is either a lover or a hater of Bitcoin!
  • THE ONLY BITCOIN TOILET PAPER ON AMAZON! A novelty gift that any person involved with cryptos and a love for laughing will adore! The clear image is printed on every one of the 250 sheets; which means they will remember you and smile for a long time!
  • THE BEST PRANK FOR BOTH TRADERS & HATERS! Whether for your husband or wife, who are regular traders of Bitcoin or even alt-coins or for your best friend who simply hates everything about online crypto trading, this roll is a must prank!
  • NOT JUST A HILARIOUS GIFT; IT’S ALSO QUITE PRACTICAL! Although its main purpose is to make you or your friends smile, our toilet paper is 3 ply and soft. In other words, it can also be used for, well, wiping stuff!

Bitcoin Merch Bin #1

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