Bitcoin Merch® Bitaxe 401 Supra + Power Supply Bitcoin Miner 600GH/s+

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How to setup the Bitaxe 401 Ultra Guide

Welcome to the pinnacle of cryptocurrency mining innovation with the Bitaxe 401, featuring the revolutionary Bitmain Antminer S21 chip. is excited to unveil this latest marvel in our Bitaxe lineup, marking a significant leap forward in mining technology. The Bitaxe 401 integrates the formidable S21 ASIC chip, setting a new benchmark for mining performance and efficiency.

🚀 Unmatched Efficiency:

Experience the zenith of mining prowess with the Bitaxe 401, achieving hash rates never seen before. This powerhouse delivers over 600 GH/s while maintaining an unprecedented energy efficiency ratio, consuming merely 14W. Compared to its predecessor, the Bitaxe 401 not only pushes the boundaries of speed with a standard mining rate of 600 GH/s but does so at an incredibly low power consumption of just 14W.

💻 Fully Customizable Experience:

The Bitaxe 401 continues our tradition of offering full control to the miner. With its open-source framework spanning software, hardware, and firmware, customization is limitless. Advanced users can tailor their mining operation to perfection, all while monitoring their success through an upgraded, detachable display showing critical real-time data.

🔌 Seamless Integration:

Mining starts the moment you unbox your Bitaxe 401, equipped with a versatile 110V - 230V power supply to ensure worldwide operability without any additional setup.

🌐 Worldwide Mining Dominance:

Designed for global use, the Bitaxe 401 ensures you can mine efficiently from any corner of the earth.

❄️ Superior Cooling System:

Featuring an enhanced cooling solution with dual ball-bearing fans, the Bitaxe 401 operates at optimal temperatures, prolonging its lifespan and maximizing efficiency.

🌟 Community and Innovation at Heart:

A share of every Bitaxe 401 sale is reinvested into the open-source Bitaxe community, driving continuous innovation and improvements, benefiting miners worldwide.

🇺🇸 Proudly American:

Assembled in the USA, the Bitaxe 401 upholds our commitment to quality and open-source principles, even down to the assembly hardware.

🍃 Environmentally Conscious:

Safety and sustainability are paramount. The Bitaxe 401 is entirely lead-free, underscoring our dedication to environmental stewardship.

🛡️ Premier Customer Support:

Joining the family means you're backed by unparalleled customer service, swift shipping from California, and a solid 3-month warranty, ensuring peace of mind.

🌕 Embark on Your Mining Odyssey:

The Bitaxe 401 isn't just a mining device; it's your gateway to unlocking new financial horizons. With unmatched efficiency and power, it stands as your partner in navigating the vast expanse of cryptocurrency opportunities.

🛒 Reserve Your Bitaxe 401 Now and be at the forefront of the next crypto mining revolution. The Bitaxe 401, small in stature but monumental in capability, represents the ultimate leap forward in your mining journey. 🌠

Customer Reviews

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Rene Olivarez
Great Product

Fast shipping great discounts

Off to the Races!!!

I'm a beginner, and this setup is perfect for me. I'm in the game! Very easy to use. Plug and play!

Attila Berecz
Bitcoin Merch® Bitaxe 401 Supra Bitcoin Miner

"Your item is being processed by customs in HUNGARY at 12:22 pm on April 24, 2024." the administration is slow, unfortunately it has not arrived yet :(


I love my Bitaxe!

I have purchased 2 Bitaxe from Bitcoin merch. The ultra and most recently the Supra. Both work great.

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