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Introducing the Next Generation of Bitcoin Miners: Avalon Air Cooling Miner A1566. Experience the Best in Improved Performance, Power Efficiency, and Competitive Pricing with 185T Capacity at 18.5JT!

Introducing the Avalon Miner A1566 – Redefining Bitcoin Mining Efficiency and Delivering Competitive ROI

The Avalon Miner A1566 represents the next evolution in Avalon's mining technology, boasting a remarkable 1x J/T Power Efficiency ratio. Specifically engineered for the SHA-256 mining algorithm, this second-generation miner maximizes computational output while minimizing energy consumption. With its advanced power efficiency rated at 18.5J/TH, users can expect heightened profitability and a compelling Return on Investment (ROI), especially post the recent "Bitcoin Halving" event.

Product Details: Avalon A1566-185T Bitcoin Miner

  • Model: A1566-185T
  • Encryption Algorithm/Monetary Unit: SHA256/BTC
  • Hash Rate: 185±5% TH/s @ 25°C
  • Power Consumption: 3420±10% Watts @ Tj75°C
  • Power Efficiency: 18.5±5% J/TH @ Tj75°C

    Power Supply:

    • AC Voltage Input: 220~277 Volt
    • AC Voltage Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • AC Current Input: 22A MAX

    Power Cable:

    • Custom Made

    Hardware Configuration:

    • Network Connection Method: FAN

    Dimensions and Weight:

    • Net Dimensions (LWH): 301192292 mm
    • Gross Dimensions (LWH): 390290395 mm
    • Net Weight: 14.9 kg
    • Gross Weight: 15.9 kg

    Network Connection:

    • RJ45 Ethernet 100M

    Environment Requirement:

    • Working Temperature: -5~35°C

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