COMPAC F COMBO - FULL KIT Instruction Manual

COMPAC F COMBO - FULL KIT Instruction Manual

Introduction: Welcome to the COMPAC F COMBO - FULL KIT, an advanced solution for cryptocurrency mining. This manual will guide you through the setup process to ensure a smooth and efficient mining experience.

Package Contents:

  • Raspberry Pi (with pre-installed software)
  • Screen, Keyboard, Mouse
  • USB Hub
  • COMPAC F USB Miners
  • Cooling Fans

Initial Setup:

  1. Connect Peripherals to Raspberry Pi:

    • Connect the screen, keyboard, and mouse to the Raspberry Pi.
    • Plug in the USB hub to one of the Raspberry Pi's USB ports.
  2. Power On:

    • Connect the power adapter to the Raspberry Pi and turn it on.
    • Wait for the Raspberry Pi Desktop to appear on the screen.
  3. Access Instructions Manual:

    • Locate the 'Instructions Manual' text folder on the Raspberry Pi Desktop.
    • Open the folder and carefully read the instructions.


  1. Connect to Wi-Fi:

    • On the Raspberry Pi Desktop, find and connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Run Terminal:

    • Open the Terminal application from the Raspberry Pi Desktop.
  3. Enter Code:

    • Copy and paste the two lines of code provided in the Instructions Manual into the Terminal.
    • This will start the cgminer software for mining.

Adding COMPAC F Miners:

  1. Attach Cooling Fan:

    • Before connecting each COMPAC F miner, ensure a cooling fan is attached to it.
    • Warning: Running the COMPAC F without a fan can cause damage and void the warranty.
  2. Connect Miners:

    • Plug one COMPAC F miner at a time into the USB hub.
    • Wait for the hash rate on the cgminer interface to increase, indicating the miner is operational.
    • Once the hash rate stabilizes, proceed to connect the next miner.

Customizing Mining Settings:

  1. Change BTC Address:

    • To use your Bitcoin address, replace the default address in the code with yours before pasting it into the Terminal.
    • Caution: Avoid adding extra spaces or altering the original code to prevent issues.
  2. Change Mining Pool:

    • You can switch to a different mining pool.
    • Note that some pools require registration and use a username instead of a BTC address.

Final Steps:

  • Once all miners are connected and configured, your COMPAC F COMBO - FULL KIT is ready for mining.
  • Monitor the system to ensure it is running smoothly.

Support: For further assistance or inquiries, please contact our support team at Support.

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